Every Summer has a story. Salvage Rights is mine. 

For as long as I can remember, my sense of direction has led me one way- to the sea. I spent my childhood on the South Shore of Long Island, where life existed because of the water. Entire Summers were spent at the beach- sailing there in jerry-rigged boats that had washed up on the shores. I went to college first, in Rhode Island, then Hawaii. And then, as most East Coast seekers do, I eventually found my way to California. 

I am an idea person. Salvage Rights was started as a way to develop my product ideas. In true salvage fashion, all apparel styles are made with surplus, or deadstock fabrics. And whenever possible, reclaimed materials are used. It is important to me not to create more waste. All items are carefully handcrafted in the United States, and often only available in limited quantities.

Thank you for coming along on this journey!


- Tara

To the Sea...

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